Read the press release in: English | Arabic On 12 September 2020, the Minister of Health announced the start of clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines in Egypt. This announcement was made three weeks after the Parliament approved the amended version of the Clinical Trials Law, which was introduced in responseContinue Reading

EIPR joins the Third World Network in a call for the World Trade Organization to strongly support the adoption of the waiver proposal submitted by India and South African against certain provisions of the TRIPS Agreement for the prevention, containment and treatment of COVID19. Continue Reading

In this paper, the authors argue for a major shift in the ways the country is currently governed in favour of greater openness in politics and markets, and for the international community to seriously engage Egypt on the need to reform economically and politically.Continue Reading

EIPR has re-published a proposal it submitted to the Cabinet in 2014 and affirms the basic conditions for ensuring the formation of a council that achieves radical and sustainable reform of the governance of the health care system. Continue Reading

An interview with Alaa Ghanam, an expert in healthcare reform and the director of the Right to Health program at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights who is well versed on the strategy the Health Ministry has adopted to confront the crisis.Continue Reading

This paper considers the implications of a lack of data and concludes with recommendations for the Egyptian government regarding the need for a demographic and health survey and for the public dissemination of data.Continue Reading