Press Release

Official statements released by organizations related to social protection policies or initiatives.


Read the full press release in: English | Arabic Lebanon’s Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA), in partnership with the European Union (EU), UNICEF and the International Labour Organization (ILO), launched the country’s National Disability Allowance (NDA). The allowance is a social grant that will provide a direct income support toContinue Reading

Read the press release in: English | Arabic On 12 September 2020, the Minister of Health announced the start of clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines in Egypt. This announcement was made three weeks after the Parliament approved the amended version of the Clinical Trials Law, which was introduced in responseContinue Reading

EIPR joins the Third World Network in a call for the World Trade Organization to strongly support the adoption of the waiver proposal submitted by India and South African against certain provisions of the TRIPS Agreement for the prevention, containment and treatment of COVID19. Continue Reading

EIPR demands that the ministry and the Prisons Authority allow detainees and prisoners to communicate with their families and lawyers on a regular basis by telephone at least in order to assure them of their health and inform them of any changes that may occur to the place and conditions of their detention.Continue Reading