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Health is a cornerstone of individual and societal development and must be safeguarded and afforded equitably to all.


Loss of work or income, even temporarily, can for some mean the difference between development and regression, life and death.


Vulnerabilities can be inherited or circumstantial. They create inequalities that can be mitigated or exacerbated through policy.


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Highlight on Health

The right to health through a social protection lens 2023

This research is a part of the Arab Watch Report 2023 on the right to Health. The right to health through a

Navigating the Aftermath: The Struggle for Equality in the Face of Health Crises in the Arab Region

Health crises have long shaped national histories, remodeling countries’ developmental trajectories and leaving long-lasting imprints on the health and socio-economic

The COVID-19 Crisis and Health Inequality: A Reciprocal Magnification Effect in the Arab Region

This paper was initially published as part of the Arab NGO Network for Development’s Arab Watch Report on the Right to Health. Following

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This site is run by Arab Reform Initiative on behalf of the partners of the Arab Region Hub for Social Protection. The Hub is a space for collective action that encourages and facilitates the production of knowledge. This website facilitates the dissemination of information and knowledge on social protection as it relates to the region that has been produced both by Hub partners and by a plethora of independent researchers and institutions who approach social protection from a human rights perspective.

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