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In this upcoming livestreamed discussion, Dr Fadi El-Jardali will speak about how the pandemic brings with it a valuable opportunity to re-envision the role of state and non-state actors in strengthening health systems. Continue Reading

In this brief but informative paper, Dr El Jardali review the role of the private sector in the COVID-19 response in the Arab region, the necessary role States must take as coordinators and regulators or health systems, and the importance of evidence-informed public health policymaking.Continue Reading

Read full event announcement in: English Event Date: 30 April 2020 Venue: online over Zoom Hosted by: Arab Reform Initiative and Chatham House Speaker: Ahmed Tabaqchali, CIO of Asia Frontier Capital Iraq Fund & Adjunct Assistant Professor at AUIS Moderator: Renad Mansour, Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House, Middle East & North AfricaContinue Reading