Author: Farah Al Shami, Senior Fellow at Arab Reform Initiative

The impact of COVID-19 on multifaceted inequality in the Mediterranean is neither consistent nor linear. The region has witnessed declines in several forms of inequality and surges in several others. Yet, the overall impact in terms of the number and magnitude of increased inequalities versus reduced ones is negative, making the Mediterranean a hotspot of inequality in the aftermath of the sanitary crisis. Moreover, amplified inequalities have manifested in the Mediterranean Basin in the form of inter-country inequalities and intra-country inequalities – the former being mostly part driven by inter-sectoral imbalances. Inter-country inequalities have likely further cemented the north-south divide in the Basin.

In this thought paper, the author focuses on the impact of the pandemic on income inequality, educational inequality, and health inequality between countries of the Mediterranean region and makes policy recommendations to mitigate structural and intergovernmental inequalities.

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