Webinar: Unprotected. Current challenges of the social protection system in Lebanon amidst the crisis. Date and time: March, 10th 2023 Speakers: Nizar Hariri (Senior economist) Raymond Bou Nader (Institute of Business Management, Saint Joseph University) Moderated by Miriam Younes (CeSSRA) This webinar discusses the impact of the multilayered Lebanese economic crisis and its major macroeconomic shocks on the social protection landscape in Lebanon. Speakers presented a survey (conducted between July and August 2022) and report by CeSSRA. With a nationally representative sample of 1,327 respondents of Lebanese nationality, the survey examines the social protection mechanisms and effective health care systems and coverages in Lebanon, amid an ongoing social and economic crisis hitting the country since 2019. During the webinar, the main social and economic indicators, that are instrumental to understand the impact of the crisis on the Lebanese social protection framework, were presented and discussed, in view of exploring recommendations for policy reforms towards universal social protection.

To watch the webinar: click here

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