Egyptian social protection policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic… considerable efforts with limited impact

The paper issued by EIPR looks into existing social protection policies and those developed due to the pandemic, by monitoring and analyzing health protection policies, labour policies, wages and insurance policies and their response to the repercussions of the economic slowdown caused by COVID. The study also monitors the financial and monetary measures applied by the state to ease the burden of livelihood on individuals or to ease the severity of the crisis on the business community.

Despite the prompt response of the state to the COVID pandemic and its effectiveness in some aspects, the crisis has shown the fragility of health infrastructure in Egypt. This could be seen in terms of the limited number of beds relative to the population, the absence of primary care systems to detect the disease at an early stage, and the lack of intensive care beds, which are a basic necessity to confront advanced cases infected by COVID-19.

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