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Authors: Roberto Cardarelli, Hippolyte W. Balima, Chiara Maggi, Adrian Alter, Jérôme Vacher, Matthew Gaertner, Olivier Bizimana, Azhin Abdulkarim, Karim Badr, Shant Arzoumania, Mahmoud Harb, Mariam El Hamiani Khatat, Priscilla S Muthoora, Aymen Belgacem

North African economies are characterized by a significant share of informal activity and employment. About two-thirds of workers in North Africa operate without any formal arrangement and social protection, and about 30 percent of GDP is estimated to be produced by informal workers and firms. This 90-page paper finds that while a few key structural characteristics could explain “normal” informality in North Africa, policy distortions explain a large share of excess informality.

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