This report defines and takes the pulse of five vital elements of digital learning. It contributes to the ongoing yet urgent aim of transforming education, and offers steps to recovery through child-centered, equity-driven, and innovative solutions. The five vital elements covered are ICT in Education policies and financing, digital learning platforms and content, teachers and school leadership, digital literacy, and holistic learning opportunities within and beyond classrooms. 

The report calls for a whole-of-system approach to digital learning, which includes increased resources, addressing the digital and usage divides, empowering teachers and school leaders, developing digital literacy among all groups, and meeting children where they are through entertaining and educational content and a mix of technologies. Particular attention should be given to gathering more data and evidence, which are sorely lacking; centering initiatives and solutions around the needs of marginalized learners and families, especially in low- and lower-middle income countries; and ensuring a holistic approach that considers all the vitals to make digital learning safe, equitable, engaging and effective.  

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