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Everyone possesses the innate ability to contribute to the betterment of society. Education is the vehicle through which each individual can identify and hone those abilities and live a purposeful fruitful life that contributes to their own and their community’s wellbeing and prosperity. Not everyone however has access to education. This not only limits their opportunities but the collective growth of society at large.

The COVID-19 pandemic officially arrived during the spring term. It was a matter of weeks before schools were suspended. Within a few more, the government announced that schools would be closed until the end of the year. Many parents who had already paid tuition fees for private schooling through theContinue Reading

On the eve of their final Arabic language exam, thirteen students in their third and final year of thanaweya amma (secondary school) are huddled around a teacher at the dining table in a spacious apartment in the town of Dekernes in the Daqahlia governorate. As part of a set of restrictions putContinue Reading