With the current deteriorating health, economic and social conditions in Lebanon, persons with disabilities are more at risk than ever before, particularly children, women and older persons. Therefore, the Ministry of Social Affairs of Lebanon seeks to develop a national strategy on disability for the first time, through a consultative, participatory and methodological process, in cooperation with all key actors, including persons with disabilities and their representative organizations.

The present report highlights the efforts of the Ministry to develop the national strategy based on a situational analysis of disability in Lebanon taking into account legislative and institutional frameworks; the current system for disability assessment and identification; key actors with their roles and responsibilities; and the pressing challenges and available opportunities. The report addresses services, rights and resources related to persons with disabilities, as well as the challenges and barriers they face in Lebanon. It provides a set of recommendations based on the socio-environmental model that involves providing an enabling environment; ensuring the quality of services; enhancing the demand for services; and providing high-quality evidence and data for decision-making. In this context, the development of a national strategy on disability will contribute to improving the situation of persons with disabilities and upgrading their quality of life in Lebanon.

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